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Recent PR

New Year, New Developments.  We want to thank Zagat and WCIU for the amazing stories they did on our farming business!  Below are the links to the features…

Zagat – http://www.zagat.com/b/chicago/Aquaponic-Farming-The-Garden-of-the-Future

WCIU “You & Me This Morning” – http://www.wciu.com/youandme.php?section=home&assets=videos&assetID=10012257

Harvest Time…

Today we harvested our third batch of Tilapia…and boy do they look healthy!  Take a look for yourself…



Tilapia 1-23-14-3








They average about 2.5 lbs, so we had about a 250lb harvest today.  Go to Nana Organic for a taste of some of our naturally-raised, local Tilapia!

More Basil, More Problems? Not Really.

The basil got harvested today to go out to restaurant clients of ours, so I thought I would take some pics early this morning before they came out of the system…If you notice Siena Tavern’s pasta sauce tasting even better than it already is (yes, hard to imagine!!), that’s because they are now using Greens & Gills’ fresh, local basil.  #hardtobeat


6 Week Old Basil
6 Week Old Basil


Look at those beauties!
Look at those beauties!


Harvesting some French Sorrel
Harvesting some French Sorrel




Basil Bonanza…

Our basil varieties are really taking off!  Take a look (sorry in advance about the lighting…the Metal Halides make the lighting look funky)…




Subway…G&G Style

At Greens & Gills, we have been known to take lunch breaks at our local Subway Sandwich shop.  We also have been known to bring in some petite mustard greens, kale, cabbage, kohlrabi and arugula to take our subs to the next level.  Check it out! 


Spicy Italian G&G's Way...
Spicy Italian G&G’s Way…

Greens & Gills – From Then to Now…

Dear Friends –

We put together a video showing the evolution of our farm space at The Plant.  We hope you enjoy watching the evolution of Greens & Gills!