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David Blonksy Talks about Greens & Gills

David Blonsky talked about aquaponics, micro greens and working with Greens & Gills today during Social Media Week.  Thanks, Blonsky!

More Basil, More Problems? Not Really.

The basil got harvested today to go out to restaurant clients of ours, so I thought I would take some pics early this morning before they came out of the system…If you notice Siena Tavern’s pasta sauce tasting even better than it already is (yes, hard to imagine!!), that’s because they are now using Greens & Gills’ fresh, local basil.  #hardtobeat


6 Week Old Basil
6 Week Old Basil


Look at those beauties!
Look at those beauties!


Harvesting some French Sorrel
Harvesting some French Sorrel




Basil Bonanza…

Our basil varieties are really taking off!  Take a look (sorry in advance about the lighting…the Metal Halides make the lighting look funky)…




It’s Business Time…We Have Tilapia to Sell

These local, naturally raised Tilapia will be the fish in the fish tacos at DineAmic Hospitality Group’s Bull & Bear in the very near future.  Enjoy!

Fingerlings Unleashed

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have Tilapia fingerlings in our nursery system.  We have had them over two weeks now, and they seem to be doing quite well!  They are feeding like crazy!  Here is a short video of us introducing some fingerlings from their shipment bag into the nursery (note – it is essential to properly acclimate the fish to your system water temperature and chemistry prior to full introduction into the system.  Improper acclimation can cause extreme stress and in some cases, mortality.)

Fingerlings Unleashed

Aquaponics in Chicago…

A writer for the Chicago Tribune reached out to Greens & Gills recently to go on the record about our plans.  He is putting together a piece on “Aquaponics in Chicago.”  We’re excited to talk about our mission as a company and provide Chicagoans a glimpse into their not-so-distant future – commercial + sustainable + local + organic vegetables and naturally raised fish.

Windy City Greens & Gills – “Grown in Chicago, for the people of Chicago.”

Stay tuned, friends! 🙂

Local vs. Organic – why not both?

It’s a debate that contains two major buzzwords of the last decade at the forefront of the conversation.

This TIME article from 2007 presents the debate perfectly – the author, who lives in New York, has the choice of an organic apple grown in California or a “nonorganic” apple (the author declares, ‘which was labeled conventional, since that sounds better than “sprayed with pesticides that might kill you.”‘) which was grown right in the state of New York. Such decisions to make…

While the organic apple might have higher nutritional value and be healthier for the author, he found himself also wondering “How much Middle Eastern oil did it take to get that California apple to me? Which farmer should I support–the one who rejected pesticides in California or the one who was, in some romantic sense, a neighbor? Most important, didn’t the apple’s taste suffer after the fruit was crated and refrigerated and jostled for thousands of miles?

Neither the idea of local production of crops nor organic methods of crop production are fads. These concepts have permeated into mainstream food retailers, mainstream media, chefs, foodies, policy-makers and consumers’ daily lives. In all likelihood, both movements are here to stay. With that in mind, how do we mitigate the great debate?

Greens & Gills’ answer is simple: Consumers should have the best of both worlds. Greens & Gills’ focus is on this exact concept – local, sustainable and organic agriculture. Consumers of Chicago and other markets have every right to buy food that is the most nutritious for them while creating the lowest environmental impact as possible. We like to think of it as “Guilt-Free Eating.” After all, that’s how all eating should be, right?