TEDx Warwick – Charlie Price

Charlie Price, representing Aquaponics UK, a non-profit support for the development of aquaponics, recently spoke at a TEDx event in Warwick, UK (embedded below).

He quickly summarizes his work with Aquaponics and shares his view on how Aquaponics can be used in an urban setting. His FARM:shop is quite impressive in its variety of agricultural outputs surrounding the aquaponics set-up. The FARM:shop is essentially a miniature balanced ecosystem held within a small urban building.

Ideally, every neighborhood would have a FARM:shop in every major city of the world and the global food shortage problem would be solved with local, sustainable and organic food for all. However, in this not-so-ideal world, in order to reach an audience of billions to help solve the global food problem, a large-scale, commercial sized version of just a small portion of Charlie’s FARM:shop ecosystem needs to take off first—the aquaponics portion.

Enter Greens and Gills, LLC (G&G)—using only the aquaponics aspect of Charlie’s concept, G&G will produce organic, locally grown, and sustainable produce on a commercial scale to reach a much larger audience.

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